Notice: This tutorial really needs to be updated, I'll try to do it asap.

2. The fir trees

10. We're going to make the fir trees on a different layer than the layer of the snowman.
Layers ? Yes, the 20 little squares are the layer buttons. As far as I know, you can't have more layers, and you can't name them.
The first (and maybe the second) layers are selected, this means the snowman was created on one of them. (To select several layers, hold the Shift key when you click). If the snowman is on the 2nd layer, select it all with B (eyes and nose included) and press the "M" key. A pop-up menu appears, allowing you to choose on which layer you want to move your selection (choose the 1st layer, on the top left).
Select (only) the second layer. Switch to the top view (7), and add a Cone (Add>Mesh>Cone).


11. Switch to the front view (1), and make the cone a little flatter : select the top of the cone (right-click on it) and move (G) it. To move it only in one direction (e.g. along the z axis only) start your move in the direction you want and do a click with the middle-button. The move should now be restricted to only one axis. Click a 2nd time with the middle button if you want to cancel.
Then switch to the object mode (Tab) and increase the size (S) of the cone : make it approximately 8 squares wide.


12. Keep the cone selected, and go to the shading menu (F5). Click on Add New (as in step [9.]) and name the new material "FirTree". Then, click on the Texture Menu button.


13. Click on "Add New" to add a texture to the FirTree material, then select "Image", because the texture will be based on an image. Click on "load image" and choose the image you'll find here: tree_texture .
Set the "Xrepeat" value to 2 (the Xrepeat button is underneath the "Load image" one).


14. Go to the material menu, and select the "Map Input" tab. Then choose "Tube".
Then, make sure the cone is still selected and go back to the editing menu (F9) and select "Set Smooth" (as in step [7.]).
By the way, the textures can't be seen in the solid mode (Z), they're visible only in the renders. (the only textures visibles in the 3D views are the UV-mapped textures, but I'm not going to explain them in this tutorial ;) )


15. In the front view (1), duplicate (Shift+D) the cone, and put the duplicated cone above the other. Repeat this once to have 3 cones. Decrease a little the size of the cone on the top and on the middle. You should have something looking like in the picture.


16. Switch to the top view (7) and add a cylinder (Add>Mesh>Cylinder). Make it small enough (S) to be the trunk of the tree, and put it at the right place in the front (1) view.
Repeat the same things as in steps [7.] and [8.],( or step [9.]) to make it smooth and add a material to it. Make the material brown (approximately R:0.500 - G:0.250 - B:0.000).


17. Switch to the top view and select the whole fir tree (A - or B and draw a square around it) . Then, select the first layer (press Shift when you click on it to keep the layer with the fir tree selected.) There's a great probability that the fir tree will be over the snowman, so move it (G) beside.


18. Use Shift+D to copy the fir tree and create a little forest around the snowman. (Don't put fir trees in front of him, or he'll be totaly hidden from the camera). You can make some trees bigger or smaller, so it won't look to artificial (yes, I know, trees made out of 3 cones and a cylinder *do* look artificial, but let me dream it's not the case ;) ). Make sure (in the front/side view (1/3)) that the bigger trees are not half-underground and the smaller trees half-flying.


19. Go on another layer and add a plane (Add>Mesh>Plane). Now select the 3 layers you used, and (with the plane still selected) grow the plane to be bigger than the forest. This is going to be the ground.
Switch to the object mode (Tab) and make sure it the front or side view (1 or 3) that the ground is not floating above the tree, but under them.


20. Now go to the shading menu (F5), and instead of choosing "Add New", click on the small arrows on the left of the AddNew button and choose "Snow".



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