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20 février 2009

GIMP Script: Planet Render

A planet creation script, it can be downloaded here. It allows to create a planet lit on one side. The size and color of the planet as well as the angle for the light can be set Versions : planet-render1-1.scm : - For GIMP 2.2. Under the Xtns> Script-fu> Misc> Planet render menu. planet-render1-2.scm : - For GIMP 2.4. Under the Xtns> Script-fu> Misc> Planet render menu. - For GIMP 2.6 and above. Under the Create> Misc> Planet Render menu.   Planet creation script This is a... [Lire la suite]
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20 février 2009

GIMP brushes

All the brushes I created are now available on GIMPStuff : Don't forget to check the other resources on GIMP Stuff :)
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20 février 2009

Gimp Tutorial: Firework

This tutorial shows how to quickly create some fireworks (and a few other effects) with Gimp, that you could easily be reused. (For once, I did the screenshots in French, but that shouldn't be a problem to follow the tut :p ) 1. Setting the background Let's start by creating a new image (with a size of 800*600 at least, to have enough space ;) ) and fill it with black. On the menu, select Filters > Light and Shadow > GFlare. In general this effect is used to fake lens flare effects on photos etc. Here, we are going to... [Lire la suite]
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16 septembre 2009

GIMP tutorial: Striped background

This tutorial will show you how to create quickly some stripes to add to an image (for example, the image on the right here with some thin diagonal stripes) Most tutorials depends on the use of a pattern with stripes, but here we will use gradients.The gradient method allows to create quickly stripes of any size and any angle. The drawback is that, even if you could use this for an illustration, it won't work as a tileable pattern (for a webpage for example). If you don't plan to do a webpage, it's ok ;) Let's start with a... [Lire la suite]
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